Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Off this week…

on vacation

not doing anything exciting – unless you find yard and house work exciting – but I’m not working at Jubilee Furniture.  No Tuesday customer inspiration.  No Friday update post.  Sorry!  Some day I hope to have someone else take photos and fill in when I’m out – but until then, I got nothing.

Though I’m not working – Dan and Chris are – and there are tons of pick ups scheduled and they all sound amazing!  Also, tomorrow the guys will start a complete hotel donation from the Hampton Inn in Carol Stream (the hotel has been purchased and the new owners are remodeling) – and the furniture is fantastic (and all matching which is something we don’t often have available for our customers – so I’m excited!).  This week we’ll pull out one floor – about 20 rooms – of furniture and then another floor in a couple of weeks.

Though I won’t be at the store this weekend, Connie, Linnea, Anne and Ginger will be covering for me and we’ll be open our usual Friday from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4.

I’ll see you back here next Tuesday, November 1st!

Until then – God’s peace to you, dear reader!

Friday, October 21, 2011

There’s nothing unwanted about the fabulous furniture found at Jubilee each week!

Several months ago I started getting unwanted emails offering me things like: free credit scores, dating for people 50 and older, how to make $600 a day from my home and auto deals.  Instead of simply deleting these emails – because I was afraid they would multiple if I did – I careful opened each one and politely unsubscribed – both to the company offering the deal and the company sending the email.

And thus started a feud I’m still having with spam email – and I am not kidding, and you won’t be surprised, when I tell you spam email is winning.  However, I’m too invested –and too stubborn – to stop. 

A week ago I went 24 hours without receiving an unsolicited email and was a very happy person – only to find three in my inbox the next morning and I was bummed and irritated.  You know what bugs me the most?  The fact that usually on the bottom it says, “This email was sent to you because you requested we contact you about updates and promotions” (no, I did not!) and after you unsubscribe it often responds that your request will be processed in 8 to 10 business days (what the?  isn’t it all computerized and can’t you immediately delete my information?).  Grrrr….

Mid-growl this morning I looked up from my laptop and glanced out into the back yard and my eyes landed on a red oak tree I received as a birthday present from my husband and kids about four years ago.  Though still smallest – it’s easily 25 feet tall and its leaves have turned a deep red/brown color and with the sun shining on it, it’s simply magnificent!  There’s a bird house in its branches that Michael and I bought on a quick 25th wedding anniversary trip to Door County two years ago and there are birds flying in and out.  Sigh – lovely.

I can focus on my frustration around unwanted emails, computer generated, that no one cares if I’m upset or not about – or – on other, nicer things (which there are, thankfully, plenty of in my life – if I only see).

There’s a Tanzania proverb that goes, “I pointed out to you the stars and all you saw was the tip of my finger.” which I heard many years ago and it’s always stuck with me.  Obviously, it didn’t stick quite well enough though!

Well, let me point out some of the amazing – and we have a ton of amazing – furniture we received for donation this week.  Remember, we’re open Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.

Taylor air band 10-13-11 016

this evergreen color sofa is soft and comfy and oh so touchable and priced $85

Taylor air band 10-13-11 014

lovely square glass top table with four chairs (upholstery on chairs needs to be spot cleaned) priced $135

Taylor air band 10-13-11 017

sweet desk – issue with front part of top that sorta curves up – priced $35

Taylor air band 10-13-11 018Taylor air band 10-13-11 019Taylor air band 10-13-11 021

super nice armless side chairs in excellent condition priced $125 each (last photo is an up-close of the pattern)

Taylor air band 10-13-11 022Taylor air band 10-13-11 023Taylor air band 10-13-11 024Taylor air band 10-13-11 025

gorgeous Ethan Allen dining set includes: glass top table and six chairs for $425; matching lighted china cabinet could also be used alone as a curio cabinet priced $395; buffet priced $175

Taylor air band 10-13-11 026Taylor air band 10-13-11 027Taylor air band 10-13-11 028Taylor air band 10-13-11 029

this amazing set is by Drexel Heritage and includes table, two leaves and six chairs (two have arms) for $495 (photo shows table with both leaves in it); fantastic, huge, two piece lighted china cabinet priced $395 (it’s a gorgeous piece – love)

Taylor air band 10-13-11 030Taylor air band 10-13-11 031

then look at this fabulous dining room set by Richardson Brothers Co. which includes an oval table with FOUR leaves and six chairs for $395; matching two piece lighted china cabinet for $295

Taylor air band 10-13-11 032

wonderful baker’s rack priced $175

Taylor air band 10-13-11 033

fun wicker framed sofa (upholstery needs to be completely redone) priced $30 (back is also upholstered)

Taylor air band 10-13-11 034

nice Pennsylvania House sofa for $135

Taylor air band 10-13-11 035

Lane cedar chest for $85

Taylor air band 10-13-11 036

fantastic side chair for $95

Taylor air band 10-13-11 037Taylor air band 10-13-11 040

flash on, flash off – neither photo captures this way cool wicker chest priced $145

Taylor air band 10-13-11 038Taylor air band 10-13-11 039

though these love seats look white – they aren’t – but rather a cream and tan stripe pattern – priced $75 each (some spot cleaning is needed)

Taylor air band 10-13-11 042

green wrought iron table with four bouncy chairs for $85; umbrella and umbrella stand for $40

Taylor air band 10-13-11 043Taylor air band 10-13-11 044

lovely outdoor tile top table with six chairs priced $125; umbrella and umbrella stand for $60

Taylor air band 10-13-11 046

gorgeous lighted three piece Drexel Heritage bookcases/storage – one part is a drop down desk – priced $245 for all three (which is a steal)

Taylor air band 10-13-11 047

lovely table and four chairs for $225

Taylor air band 10-13-11 049

very nice Pennsylvania House sofa – in a southwestern pattern – priced $195

Taylor air band 10-13-11 050

this is an amazing McCreary sofa – soft floral pattern in gray/rose and green – excellent condition priced $345

Taylor air band 10-13-11 051

gray sleeper sofa on wheels – priced $50

Taylor air band 10-13-11 052

this leather/pleather love seat reclines on both sides and is browner in real life – priced $125

Taylor air band 10-13-11 053

amazing hard maple swivel stools by Meubles Canadel (a Canadian company) priced $150 for all three

Though I know myself well enough to know I won’t give up trying to eliminate unwanted emails – I also promise you, dear reader, to see the stars more often!

More stars, less finger tip.  Got it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Kathy's daughter's fun dorm room!

It's Tuesday which means it's time for customer inspiration where I show you something which has been purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how fabulous it looks outside of our dumpy warehouse in order to inspire you to see pass the concert floors and bad lighting to our amazing inventory!  If you have purchased something from the store you'd be willing to take a photo of and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - that would be ducky!

Here's this week's email:

Susan!  Greetings!  I finally got a photo of my daughter's adorable dorm room.  You probably remember the piece that came from Jubilee...no, not the bunk beds...the darling dusty salmon velvet tufted love seat!  It fits perfectly in the room - size and style. :)

There are two other pieces from Jubilee in the room that cannot be seen...a side table at the end of the love seat and a "candy/mint/almond table" across from the love seat.  It all makes for a cozy and inviting space. :)

I'm hoping to get a few shots of the off campus house that my eldest lives in also.  The girls have several Jubilee pieces there!  We all love Jubilee and the wonderful things we have found there...and the lovely people that volunteer at Jubilee make it fun to come in even when we don't find "just the right thing"...not to mention...it's for a great cause! (run-on sentence, lol.  Don't show Connie!) :D

Thanks for all you do!

Thank YOU, Kathy!

Wow - I love how a somewhat "formal" piece was transformed into something very colorful and fun simply by adding a ton of great pillows and the fabulous orange shag rug on the floor!  Super inviting and I'm guessing this is the "hang out" room on the floor!  'Course having a candy/mint/almond table might also help (as long as there are always candy, mints for almonds on said table!).

See you, dear reader, back here on Friday for my weekly update post!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jubilee Furniture–a piece of the back story of helping transform lives!

I was without a book to read earlier this week (something which rarely happens) and I asked my daughter if she had anything good I could borrow. “How about Anne of Green Gables?” floated her voice from her room. Though Abby’s middle name, Anne, is in honor of Anne Shirley the heroine from L.M. Montgomery’s book – I’ve never read it. Instead I fell in love with Anne from watching the film aired on PBS in 1985.

The next day Abby asked how I was liking the book and I enthusiastically responded – “I love it”!  “That’s not surprising,” she answered, “the story includes a plucky orphan.  Who wouldn’t love a book with a plucky orphan?”  I had to laugh at the word “plucky,” but Abby nailed it. I love reading about courageous Anne – who overcomes a very tough start to her life with imagination and ongoing amazement at the beauty of the world and the people in it – and think she’s a character worth admiring. “But really, Marilla, one can’t stay sad very long in such an interesting world, can one?”

Thankfully, plucky – courageous – people aren’t just fictional. Nicole – one of the single moms in our Jubilee Village program – shares her story of overcoming odds and working hard to create a life for herself and her son, Asher, here.

The proceeds of everything we sell at Jubilee Furniture – minus our expenses – are helping to support Nicole, Asher and others through the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries.  The fact that you also go home with some amazing furniture in the deal is almost too good to be true!

But true it is.  Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find at Jubilee Furniture today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4:

JFC 10-14-11 001JFC 10-14-11 002

sofa where both ends recline priced $75; matching recliner for $40 (both pieces show more wear in person and need to be spot cleaned)

JFC 10-14-11 003JFC 10-14-11 004

we received a number of barrel chairs this week for donation and they’re all lovely!  This matched set has cane backing and are priced $50 each

JFC 10-14-11 005

this barrel chair is upholstered all around and is priced $65

JFC 10-14-11 006

cool black velvet sofa for $65

JFC 10-14-11 007

great leather insert game table for $125; brown leather chairs are $4 each (this design tends to rip along back on each side where you’d grab as you’d be pulling them out)

JFC 10-14-11 008

this rosewood set is the same one we had in the store several months ago – it was too big for the customer’s space – but came back with more wear so the prices reflects that – $165 gets you the table, 2 leaves, table pads, six chairs and 12 chair cushions (two different sets).  Such a deal!

JFC 10-14-11 009

another cane backed barrel chair – this one is priced $40 (you’ll see where the wood is cracked along the back)

JFC 10-14-11 010

this gorgeous buffet is probably my favorite piece this week (though there are several things I really love) and is priced $295

JFC 10-14-11 011

the donor told Dan she won this sweet writing desk on Wheel of Fortune 25 years ago – how cool is that? – priced $135

JFC 10-14-11 012

four swivel bar stools priced $80 for all four

JFC 10-14-11 013

lovely mustard color small wing back chair for $75

JFC 10-14-11 014JFC 10-14-11 015

these ottomans/storage pieces are on swivel bases so they turn every which way – priced $45 each (note the fun country fabric)

JFC 10-14-11 016JFC 10-14-11 017

here’s another I LOVE IT piece – plaid flannel covers this great side chair priced $125

JFC 10-14-11 018

grayish sleeper sofa for $65

JFC 10-14-11 019

sweet bench with two throw pillows priced $145 (fabric matches the two swivel ottomans)

JFC 10-14-11 020JFC 10-14-11 021

Here’s another I LOVE IT piece – amazing gold/green sofa by Century Furniture priced $365

JFC 10-14-11 022

Oh, and I love this piece too!  leather insert writing desk for $165

JFC 10-14-11 023

who won’t love this sweet round child’s table with two chairs – priced $50 for all

JFC 10-14-11 024

this love seat is two separate pieces (makes moving it easier) and both pieces are recliners – priced $95

JFC 10-14-11 025JFC 10-14-11 026

nice wood trim on this green sofa priced $85; matching chair and ottoman for $65 (both show a medium amount of wear)

JFC 10-14-11 027JFC 10-14-11 028

lovely chest of drawers with a mirrored side storage piece priced $145; dressing table with triple mirror (attaches along back) for $165

JFC 10-14-11 029

gorgeous pale yellow and floral Crate and Barrel chair for $65 (needs to be cleaned)

JFC 10-14-11 030

lovely wing back priced $135

JFC 10-14-11 031

black six drawer dresser for $75

JFC 10-14-11 032

chest of drawers with side storage priced $65; two night stands (they’re stacked one on top of the other) priced $25 each

JFC 10-14-11 033

sweet as pie Ethan Allen student desk for $65

I’m not in the depths of despair this morning.  I never can be in the morning.  Isn’t it a splendid thing that there are mornings?

Ahhh Anne, how I love you and your eternal optimism!

Here’s hoping this is indeed a splendid morning for you, dear reader!