Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Danice and Jack's lovely living room!

So glad you stopped by for today's installment of customer inspiration where a customer provides photos of things they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and how amazing the items look in their home - either exactly as they looked leaving the store or after some spiffing up!

Today's post includes some spiffing up! I first met Danice just a couple of days before she was getting married to Jack. They were having an outdoor wedding and needed some extra seating and she stopped in the store and found exactly what she was looking for! The wedding was beautiful and Danice and Jack have been stopping in at Jubilee every now and then ever since. Danice is creative and has a good eye when it comes to spotting things that have clean lines and good "bones" but need some work (just like Shelli, Brooke, Caroline, Theresa, Jean, Megan, Alice and John and Deanna).

The ottoman in this photo was pretty ratty, if I'm remembering correctly, when Danice purchased it - but look how amazing it is now! I love the woven material she used on the bottom part! The chair in the background also needed some love and Danice found this gorgeous slipcover for only $40 at Overstocked.com.

Here's another view of the amazing ottoman and, I believe, Danice also purchased the chair in the corner from Jubilee. I love all the pillows! What a great place to kick back and relax (having a couple of dogs also sends a warm and welcoming, come-as-you-are message!).

Thanks for coming by, dear reader and I hope to see you here again on Friday for my weekly update!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Designing women of the best kind!

I often mention how grateful I am for my volunteers (here, here and here for example), and yesterday when my design team (I love calling ‘em that, though they think it’s a bit of a stretch) was hard at work, I FINALLY remembered to take a new photo since the group has evolved over the last couple of years.

I talked about how overwhelmed I often feel when I walk into the store each Thursday in this post, so I won’t go into great detail now – but suffice to say after the guys have completed almost three days of donation pickups – there’s a lot of furniture dumped into one area of the store (and if you remember my post last Friday – where I mentioned that donation calls were slightly lower – I’m very glad for that furniture dump, overall). Remember, Thursday is the first time I’m seeing what’s “new” since I spend the first part of the week at my desk at Outreach (oh my crap, this has to be the most boring blog post to date! Let’s see if I can wrap it up before you fall asleep!). SO, anywho, this amazing team shows up each Thursday and creates warm, inviting vignettes out of that mess o’furniture!

Without further ado – here is my fantastic design team!JFC 03-25-11 002

from left to right there’s: Anne, Linnea, Deb, Marsha and Connie! Three cheers for each of them - and ladies, you know I love you and am so appreciative of your hard work and great design sense each week. Thank you.

“So, what did the team have to arrange this week, Susan?” you ask. Excellent question. Let’s take a look.

JFC 03-25-11 003

great greenish/tan color on this sofa that needs some spot cleaning and donor did have a cat – for $95

JFC 03-25-11 004JFC 03-25-11 005

look how amazing this buffet/flat screen TV base? – is! I love the hardware and it’s priced $145

JFC 03-25-11 006JFC 03-25-11 007

these two pieces are a deep purple/blue color and also have a small amount of pet hair on them – but otherwise in good condition – sofa is priced $115; love seat $95

JFC 03-25-11 008JFC 03-25-11 009JFC 03-25-11 010

this is a very nice outdoor patio set with an oval table, six chairs – with cushions – umbrella and umbrella stand all for $375

JFC 03-25-11 011JFC 03-25-11 012

you’re not seeing double – there are two of these sweet pink swivel/rockers and both are priced $75 each

JFC 03-25-11 013

though not too bad looking, there are multiple issues with this sofa so it’s priced only $20

JFC 03-25-11 014JFC 03-25-11 015

this is a truly lovely Ethan Allen side chair that’s priced $145

JFC 03-25-11 016JFC 03-25-11 017

someone with some vision and elbow grease could turn these pieces into something amazing – and I’ve priced them to sell – the three piece rattan sofa is only $20 and the rattan chair is $12 – come on all your DIYers – they have your name of ‘em!

JFC 03-25-11 018JFC 03-25-11 019JFC 03-25-11 020

wonderful shade of green on these three Sealy pieces which are in good condition: sofa is priced $115; and each over sized chair is $85

JFC 03-25-11 021

I love the clean lines of this small writing desk which is priced $125; chair which is pulled up to desk is $20

JFC 03-25-11 022

this is the two piece corner section of a larger sectional – we just got these two pieces though. They’re by Lane and are a nice cushy leather and I’ve priced them $40 – you will need to wipe down the legs and bottom of the wood structure with bleach since there appears to be some mildew

JFC 03-25-11 023

this is a GORGEOUS maple eight drawer dresser by T.F.I with mirror and a piece of glass on the top and it’s priced $165

JFC 03-25-11 024

here’s another nice maple dresser – this time it’s six drawers (and one knob is missing) with a mirror (peeking over the top) and is priced $125

JFC 03-25-11 025

one drawer night stand matches the dresser I just showed you and it’s priced $45 (has some damage on the top); four drawer little dresser next to the night stand is $50

JFC 03-25-11 026

green painted entertainment center for $85

JFC 03-25-11 027

gorgeous entertainment center for $225

JFC 03-25-11 028

solid, well built, bunk beds with bunky boards (what you use instead of box springs) for $125; twin mattresses $40 each

JFC 03-25-11 029

clean this black chaise and you have a great place to read and relax for only $40

JFC 03-25-11 030

small drop leaf table with two chairs for $50

JFC 03-25-11 033

very nice oak pedestal table with two leaves and four chairs (two have arms and two are armless) for $245

JFC 03-25-11 034JFC 03-25-11 035

lovely Broyhill sofa for $95; matching Broyhill love seat for $75 (in excellent condition – priced a little lower due to the dated fabric)

JFC 03-25-11 036

sweet rolling tea cart for $95

JFC 03-25-11 037JFC 03-25-11 038

this is a very nice Cushman Colonial drop leaf end table? coffee table? priced $95

JFC 03-25-11 039JFC 03-25-11 040JFC 03-25-11 041

and last – but certainly not least – actually my favorite pieces this week are these three nesting tables by Heywood Wakefield in almost perfect condition and priced $195 for the set. Sign. Love.

And there you have it, dear reader – a look at “what’s new?” at Jubilee Furniture where you’ll always find good furniture at good prices and it’ll be arranged in a comely fashion too (does anyone use the word “comely” any more?)!

Hope to see you at the store either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Take care!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's customer inspiration - Shelli's fabulous dining room!

Welcome to Tuesday's customer inspiration and Shelli's gorgeous dining room! Both the table and all six chairs were purchased from Jubilee Furniture and all items needed some TLC - but that didn't deter Shelli! The chairs were $25 each and actually are very comfortable and well built (retro Falcon brand chairs). The table is a beautiful West Elm piece but the top was damaged.

Here's one of the chairs - as seen in the store - it has great lines (see the original post here about this donation)

Here's the table and chairs in Shelli's home pre-refinished. Great "bones," all pieces need some lovin'!

With a dark stain on the chairs, new fabric on the seats and a refinished table top (topped with glass) - Shelli turned these unrelated pieces into a cohesive and fantastic looking set!

Unfortunately, all the photos Shelli sent me didn't make it from her iphone to my computer - because I'd love to show you an up-close of one of the chairs - they really turned out beautifully. I love the darker stain and fabric Shelli selected for the seat cushions. Truly love.

Shelli purchased two more chairs - and from the looks of it could easily pull 'em up to that fabulous table - though hasn't refinished them yet (hadn't as of Friday - she's pretty amazing and might have refinished them by today! :-).

Shelli - and good friend, Tara - are regular Friday afternoon customers and both have wonderful design sense, a great eye, and the willingness to invest some sweat equity into creating beautiful spaces for their families!

Well done, Shelli and many thanks!

Tara? Your turn!

Have you purchased something from Jubilee Furniture that you've either transformed - as Shelli did - or - are using just as it is and would be willing to take a photo or two and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org so you can help inspire others? If so, that would be GREAT!

Thanks for stopping by and take care, dear reader!

Update from last Friday's post: many, many donation calls and emails have come in over the last few days - so thank you for your prayers! I'll have TONS of stuff to show you this Friday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My hope is in…more donations?

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s hard not to feel worried and anxious. Our very earth is broken.

Donation calls are slightly down and I find myself wondering if this is the beginning of the end for Jubilee Furniture. March – historically – is our slowest month for donations, yet each March I'm fearful. Though I know people will begin spring cleaning in the next couple of weeks and Dan and Chris (the two wonderful Outreach employees who drive the Jubilee Furniture truck and make donation pickups) will be crazy busy, I find myself thinking, “Well, maybe THIS year the calls won’t come in.” My typical response to these thoughts is to work harder. We need to make our need for quality used furniture known to more people – contact area churches and have them put a blurb in their Sunday bulletin, rent a billboard (I actually did call a billboard company about possibly doing this), get a write-up in a local publication…

None of these things – in and of themselves – is bad or wrong. But if I’m doing them with a worried and fearful heart – if my anxiety continues to worsen – then there’s something off. My feelings aren’t wrong, feelings are God-given and important indicators for us. Yet, how I respond to those feelings could be wrong. You know what I mean?

So, though I admit to being a little worried about our inventory, I choose to believe that God is in control and He is a loving, good God – and because His ways are not our ways – and I will never understand things like earthquakes and tsunamis – yet I will not fear.

Now that you probably think there are about seven pieces of furniture in the store – when the truth is we have tons – let’s take a look at some of the new-to-us things we received this week.

JFC 03-18-11 001JFC 03-18-11 002

great neutral color on these pieces by Bauhaus – top photo is a sofa which is priced $125; matching love seat $95

JFC 03-18-11 003JFC 03-18-11 004JFC 03-18-11 005

these Clayton Marcus pieces are a gorgeous shade of blue (one of my favorite colors along with sunny yellow) – the sofa is a sleeper and is priced $80; the matching chair and ottoman are $65 and both the sofa and chair have some places where the fabric threads have come unraveled and there’s the beginning of a tear (otherwise I would have priced them a good $100 higher)

JFC 03-18-11 006

great Bauhaus chair for $85

JFC 03-18-11 008JFC 03-18-11 009JFC 03-18-11 007JFC 03-18-11 010

okay – let me explain these photos – the color of the fabric of this chair and sofa are somewhere between the dark photo (taken without a flash) and the brighter photo (taken with a flash) – it’s a deep blue, very nice, somewhat masculine. The manufacturer is Hillcraft and the chair is priced $115; matching sofa for $165

JFC 03-18-11 011

gorgeous floral wingback/recliner for $135

JFC 03-18-11 012JFC 03-18-11 013

this Ashley sofa has great nail-head trim and the seat and back cushions flip over and the whole thing becomes a solid color (just like the arms) and is in excellent condition and is priced $195; the Ashley love seat has the same reversible cushions and is priced $165

JFC 03-18-11 016JFC 03-18-11 015JFC 03-18-11 014

this is an a-may-zing small loveseat by Paul Robert and is priced $295 (look at the detail – love!)

JFC 03-18-11 017JFC 03-18-11 018

two great, retro wing back chairs priced $50 each (clean ‘em and you’re so good to go!)

JFC 03-18-11 019

great colors on this plaid (you know I heart plaid) Vanguard sofa with extra firm cushions for $95

JFC 03-18-11 020JFC 03-18-11 021

this is probably my favorite piece this week – this is an old, fabulous settee in great condition – note is sits lower to the floor than a normal sofa – and it’s priced $395

JFC 03-18-11 022

wonderful vintage rocker by Hitchcock for $125

JFC 03-18-11 023

two gorgeous old oak chairs for $30 each

JFC 03-18-11 024

two piece dresser and hutch – remove hutch and add a changing pad and you have a changing table! Priced $95; wicker corner hamper for $20

JFC 03-18-11 025JFC 03-18-11 026

oh wait, I forgot about this fabulous piece – which might be my favorite! – it’s a 7’ tall, one piece, old kitchen hutch priced $345

JFC 03-18-11 027

Bombay Co. stool for $40

JFC 03-18-11 028

wonderful small bench for $55

You know me well enough to know I would never shove scripture down your throat – so I share the following verse simply so you can understand where I find my strength in the face of large horrific things, like what’s going on in Japan right now – and - in small hard things, like fewer donation calls:

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

And if you, dear reader, have any gently, used, quality furniture you want to get rid of (or know some else who does), please call me or Dan at (630) 337-1467 and we’ll gladly come to your house and get ‘em! All donations are tax deducible.

Remember too our hours are Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4!

God’s peace and much love!