Friday, April 30, 2010

End of April greetings from Jubilee Furniture!

Welcome! So glad you stopped by to take a peek at what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture. I'm careful to always put the word "new" in quotes - since everything in our inventory is donated and used. So though it's "new" to us, it isn't "new"! Got it? Good, then let's see some of the furniture we added to our 30,000 square feet of warehouse space!

small, wooden, old fashion student desk with chair (chair doesn't match but it's the right size for the desk) both for $40

cream colored changing table for $145 (it's flanked by some white dressers that do not match the changing table)

it looks like two oak bookcases, but it's actually one with six adjustable shelves priced at $195

we picked up many chrome and fabric guest chairs that are in excellent condition and super solid (heavy) - both fabrics are bluish/purplish and I've priced them $35 each. I searched online to see what these chairs might have sold for new and found similar chairs priced at $265 on some super cheap office chair site (just to show you what an amazing deal these chairs are!)

super clean Plunkett sofa for $85 (fabric and style is just a bit dated looking)

Crate & Barrel sofa for $60 - since we have an all sales are final policy and I would rather have happy customers than unhappy ones - here's the low down on this piece. It almost looks like someone washed all the cushions on this sofa and they shrank a little. Can you fix that? I'm not sure, thus the low price tag

these fabric pieces (they sort of look like leather) are very nice - the sofa is a sleeper and I priced it $145; matching rocker/recliner is $125

Ethan Allen sofa for $225

three piece sectional in good condition except for it's faded in multiple area so priced for only $75

vintage TV tables for $15 for the set

love seat for $85 and matching sofa for $115

clear glass top and frosted glass bottom on this coffee table on wheels is fun and priced $95

the one bit of color this week comes from this amazing two piece sofa and each piece opens into some kind of bed (I didn't have enough time to figure out how to open the two halves and I'm not sure what size bed it would open into exactly), but it's so bright and fun just as a sofa! Price? $145

Lots more I didn't have time to take photos of - so you'll just have to stop in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 and see it all for yourself!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Update from Jubilee Furniture to You!

Hello! So glad you stopped by to see what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture this week! Before I get to this week's photos, I wanted to remind you of some of the benefits of shopping at our store. Bear with me, this won't take long.
  • Your purchase helps support the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries. Outreach - for over 35 years - has been providing opportunities and restoring hope to those most in need in DuPage County. And doing so not with cookie-cutter programs but by building relationships with our neighbors, learning what needs they have which are not being met and partnering with area churches and organizations to help meet those needs.
  • Offering good furniture at good prices is another reason we opened our doors to begin with - and that hasn't changed - and everyone, no matter what amount is in your bank account, benefits. Our doors are open to all.
  • It's green to shop at Jubilee. Our donors are keeping good, usable furniture out of already overflowing landfills. Our customers are repurposing and recycling items purchased from Jubilee. Earth Day - for us - isn't a single day each year, it's a life style.
  • It's fun! From the table with cookies for the takin', the warm welcome you'll always receive (and if you hate us chatting you up - just tell us so and we'll respect that) to the over 30,000 square feet of inventory - it's interesting and fun to shop at the store. I often tell people - you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!

Though we're only open the two days each week (Fridays 1 to 8 and Saturdays 9 to 4), we pack a lot into those two days!

Now onto other things.

Our 25% off sale wasn't the wild success I was hoping. The stickers are too small and most people didn't even notice them. Those that did assumed the price reflected the 25% off already. So, though the stickers are no bigger than last week, we're going to keep trying. If you see a sticker on a price tag that looks like the following - the price listed is an additional 25% off. I have also marked many more items with the 25% off sticker and we'll see what happens.

And now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here's a sampling of some of our current inventory. Drum roll, please!

well worn leather rocker/recliner for $30

I love the print of this slip-covered side chair on wheels - price $40

the clean lines of this three drawer night stand (price $35) and six drawer dresser (price $60) are very modern. No hardware, instead you give a little push and the drawer opens right up!

thankfully we received a number of dressers in this week - which we very much needed. The price of this six drawer dresser with mirror is $65

this photo does not do this amazing dresser justice! This piece and four retro chairs we received are my favorite items this week. The price of this nine drawer dresser and mirror is $135

butcher block drop leaf table for $85

oak table, 2 leaves and six chairs for $75 (solid - all either need refinishing and/or a good cleaning)

so here is a photo of one of the four retro chairs that I'm totally in love with. The turquoise seats are some type of plastic (but not too plastic-y if you know what I mean) and all four chairs are in excellent condition. Price? $100 for all four

sweet black student desk for $50

leather (I think - I have a hard time telling fake from the real thing) rocker/recliner for $85

these brownish corduroy pieces will not last long in the store because: 1) they're very comfortable; 2) they're a color and style which will go with a lot of other stuff; and 3) I've priced 'em to sell! Sofa for $135 and love seat for $95

colorful + plaid + super clean + excellent condition = wonderful sofa priced at $195!

oh, I forgot about this green leather side chair when I was telling you the dresser and four retro chairs were my favorites this week - can I add another favorite? If so, it would be this piece priced at $125

I priced this love seat at $65 and I'm not sure why I priced it so low - it's clean and in excellent condition. Oh well, someone gets an even better deal than our normal great deals!

tufted back, rolled arm wonderful chair for $165

this sofa LOOKS real nice but, I have to be honest with you - the fabric is worn in many places (like the nub of the fabric is worn off - you know what I mean?), so I've priced it only $65

Shoot! I also forgot how much I love this china cabinet - another favorite! The set is ash and the china cabinet is priced $225; drop leaf table, 2 leaves and 6 chairs for $195

southwestern pattern fabric on this love seat makes for a...southwestern flavor! Priced $145 and we have two matching love seat in the store (both in excellent condition, each priced at $145)

I'm off - laundry to fold and breakfast to eat before heading to the store! Grace to you and peace!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy cow! Wait until you see what's new at Jubilee Furniture!

Lots and lots to share with you today, dear readers - but first I want to introduce you to our new warehouse manager, Dan Snyder. Yes, you read correctly, Dan has joined the Jubilee Furniture team in the role of full-time warehouse manager and we're thrilled! He comes with a lot of practical experience in all things furniture and he's already doing an excellent job interacting with our donors, customers and volunteers. So, the next time you're in the store (maybe today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4) please welcome Dan!

I sometimes wonder how I can still get so excited about furniture - especially other people's furniture - but I do. I love furniture. I love the design. The materials used to make a piece. The craftsmanship, especially of wood pieces.

I also love hearing the history of a piece of furniture. Who purchased it, when and why and why things are being donated. Just yesterday I was talking on the phone with a donor about some things he and his wife wanted to donate and he shared that the items are from his son's room. His son passed away almost six years ago at the age of 22 after a long illness. His son's room was left intact - no one could bear the thought of emptying it - until recently. When I asked how the donor found out about Jubilee Furniture, he told me he had gone online looking for an organization to donate to which "helps others because that's what my son would have wanted." Doesn't that make you cry? Do you see why I'm so passionate about what I do?

I am forever writing myself into corners that make it difficult to gracefully move in a direction of telling you about some of the furniture we picked up this week which is currently for sale at the store. Oh well - in my usual awkward fashion - let's continue:

we received a bunch of leather stuff this week - in the photos above are two Room and Board leather chairs which are priced $175 each (and they are unbelievably comfortable); R & B ottoman for $75 and R & B love seat for $225. For once the different color leathers in the photos are not from my stupid camera - they are different

gorgeous micro-suede sleeper sofa (looks like a Room & Board piece but I couldn't find a tag that said that, so I'm not sure) for $195

glass top pedestal coffee table for $145

wonderful sofa - the donor just cleaned the pillow covers - for $125

I love, love, love this secretary! Price? $245

excellent condition Lane sofa covered in birds (love!) for $165

beautiful (I guess I should have warned you this was another week where I was going to use a lot of gushy adjectives!) one seat cushion sofa for $125 (I like sofas which have a single cushion where you sit)

the donor told me these are travertine marble tables - the tops lift off the bases and the three can be arranged in whatever way your heart desires and are priced $125 for all three

look at this Pennsylvania House armoire - I love it! Priced at $350

this Pennsylvania House three drawer dresser and mirror match the armoire and I have two sets of them (so another dresser and mirror that look exactly like this one) and priced at $175 for one dresser/mirror combo

I just spent twenty minutes trying to find out about this full-size Simmons mattress/box spring - and can't seem to find this exact set - so either this is the deal of the century or somewhat over-priced. The box spring has a motor and lifts the head and foot of the mattress. I think there's heat too and something vibrates. We just picked it up yesterday or I would have plugged it in and tested it out - but I didn't have time. Speaking of time - the remote which operates the whole thing also tells you the time and I priced it $350. I know - clear as mud!

student desk for $25

plaid AND my favorite colors of blue and yellow - too bad about the rip in one of the back cushions - so this sleeper sofa is priced to sell at $20

not sure if this sofa is suede or not (how can you tell the difference?) and priced $195

sofa for $145 and matching love seat for $125 and both were just professionally cleaned (did I already tell you about ServiceMaster coming in every other week and give us four hours of cleaning for the cost of - FREE! I know - isn't that wonderful?!)

glass topped coffee table for $85

As if our inventory alone wasn't reason enough to stop in today (1 to 8) or tomorrow (9 to 4) - we have marked a whole bunch of stuff with a special 25% off tag. We have too much inventory (especially sofas) and need to move things out - it's that simple. Just to be clear - most of the 25% off stickers are on sofas and a lot of them are on pieces we have had for a while (though not everything). Okay?

May grace and peace be yours in abundance this weekend!