Friday, January 29, 2010

Small Acts of Kindness

Every now and then we'll open a file cabinet or dresser drawer and find something the donor has accidentally forgotten about and left in there. Depending on what it is, I'll contact them and see that the item is returned. That happened recently and the donor had moved out of state so I prepared a package and mailed the items to her. Yesterday I received the nicest thank you card back and she ended the note with these words, "You just never know what seemingly small act of kindness does." I love it! It's so true, yet how often do my small acts of kindness come with a string attached? I'll let you merge into traffic ahead of me, but you better thank me with a wave for I'll glare at you for as long as we're driving on the same road. You know what I mean? What if my acts of kindness were freely given with no expectations whatsoever? The person on the receiving end might - or might not - appreciate what I've done, but more importantly I'll have lived that moment with grace and kindness towards others. And when I'm able to do that, my stress level goes way down and I'm -to put it simply - a happier, nicer person. Then when you do receive a wonderful note like I did yesterday it's icing on the cake!

What does acts of kindness have to do with the latest donations we received at Jubilee Furniture this week? Nothing. So before I go off on another tangent, here are photos of some of the new-to-us pieces we received in this week:

You know I like unusual pieces and this is a metal tray table. The top lifts right off and the legs actually fold up for easy storage - price $25

Excellent condition, super clean sleeper sofa for $135

Sweet retro two sliding door storage unit - looks like a Steelcase piece, but I couldn't find the Steelcase name anywhere, so I'm not sure $35

I always like plaids and I love the colors in this chair - unfortunately, there are a couple of rips so I priced it at $65

Nice sofa - faded along the top and the back - but otherwise in great shape $85

Love seat where both sections recline - super clean but obviously dated fabric print $45; there is a matching sofa where both ends recline, also in excellent condition for $65 - oh, and both love seat and sofa are wall huggers - which is nice

Oatmeal color sleeper sofa for $65

Gorgeous blue leather wing back/recliner for $250 - I love the nail head trim

It's plaid so of course I took a photo of it! Blue and green plaid sofa for $125; coffee table in front of it for $50

2 piece sectional - large and comfy - for $100

We got in quite a few really nice lamps this week - this one looks like brass but it's too light to be brass - so what is it? I'm not sure, but I love the etching (hard to see in the photo, sorry). There are two of them and Chet priced them $35 each (I'm warning you now, you'll need to purchase new shades for most/many of the lamps we get in)

Blue stripe sofa $125

Brown floral patterned Bernhardt love seat for $135; we also have the matching sofa for $175

Wonderful oak table with a self storing leaf (pull the top apart and the leaf pops right up and into place!) and six chairs for $175 (we actually have two tables both with six chairs that are identical)

There's a little of a story behind all of this split log furniture but it's not that interesting - so I won't bore you with it. The point I want to make is we have several of each piece of furniture. Know what I mean? So we received four of these "magic" chairs and I tagged them magic because they open like a futon - a futon for a small person (very small). My guess is you put two chairs together and it would be the size of a twin mattress (about). Now, you would either have to tie the chairs together to make sure they don't separate during the night and dump your guest on the floor, or, you put someone on it who doesn't move when they sleep. Clear as mud? After all that you still want to know the price? Oooookay $100. Can you see the end table next to the chair? It's priced at $35

Futon $200 (we have two of them); coffee table $50 (only one coffee table)

Queen size head board, foot board and side rails for $200 (this is my favorite of all the log cabin like pieces); queen mattress and box spring for $75; can you see the one drawer night stand? Price is $65 and, I think, we have eight of them

As always, hope to see you either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 - bring your muscle with you because Dave - Jubilee Furniture warehouse manager - left last night for a ski trip in Colorado and I don't know exactly how many warehouse guys I'll have! Yike!

And remember, you just never know what a seemingly small act of kindness might do for others!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What's new at Jubilee Furniture? Lots!

After hours and hours of research (on my husband's part) and hours of hours of comparison shopping (together), we are the proud owners of a new laptop! Miraculously, I was able to download my photos without too much trouble and have merrily updated the blog. Whew.

Another good week of donations and I'm happy to report we received a gorgeous Drexel Heritage bedroom set (no headboard though) and a couple of dining room tables/chairs that were much needed. We also have lots of - you guessed it - SOFAS in the store. Surprise!

Before I show you some of the "new" stuff, Lori - if you're reading this, I took a photo of the couch I was telling you about yesterday over the phone. Though I would love to meet you and I know you would enjoy visiting Jubilee Furniture (I think!), this way if the piece isn't what you were looking for you don't have to make the trip out. It is 80" across and I have marked it down to $20 - so you can hardly go wrong!

And here, dear readers, are the rest of my photos:

Look at these two stackable chairs that I've priced $5 each - aren't they cool?!

Queen size Shaker-style headboard, footboard and side rails for $95; queen size mattress and box spring for $75

Here is the armoire of the Drexel Heritage bedroom furniture I mentioned above. As you can see it's definitely for storing clothes - not a TV. I've taken additional photos to try to show you some of the design on the pieces - it's really beautiful (though not everyone's style). The price of the armoire is $225

Not only is there this Oriental theme to the furniture - but some of the painting is raised which give the pieces more dimension and interest. In the armoire - there is a secret compartment that is super cool.

Two nightstand each $100

Long, low dresser with matching mirror for $175

another nice dresser and mirror that we got in this week priced $95; there is a matching night stand (just one) for $50

Beautiful drop leaf table with four leaves and table pads (no chairs) for $165

smaller round table with four chairs for $100

another round table, though becomes oval when you add the leaf and six chairs for $135

metal base and marble (maybe it's marble?) top table with two chairs for $75

greenish/brownish/tanish sectional for $30 (nothing too wrong with it, except needs to be cleaned and we have so many sofas that I'm pricing them super cheap to move 'em out)

sweet hall table for $65 (there are some other matching pieces - a coffee table and an end table but I don't remember what I priced them - sorry!)

Here's a photos of the two rows of sofas/love seats that are in the store right now. Some of them we had last week, some of them are new

I first sat down in this rocker and wondered why the recliner element didn't work until Nate informed me that the handle on the side wasn't too recline the chair, but rather made the chair a non-rocker! Whodathunk? Price? $35

leather chair for $75; matching love seat for $95

It's hard to tell in this photo, but this is actually a brown, suede Rowe sofa for $95

Another gray day in DuPage County - but you'll always find sunny, smiling faces at Jubilee Furniture today between 1 and 8 and tomorrow between 9 and 4!

God's peace be with you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Greetings!

I finally created a facebook page so I can try to keep up with my wild family and all their happenings and I needed a profile picture so I started experimenting with taking photos of myself...

Anyway, I am now at least as hip and cool as my 80 year old mother who has been on facebook for a l-o-n-g time. Leapin' lizards, I'm stylin' now!

This is what it looked like outside my window at work yesterday morning:

It snowed most of the day and a lot of the night too. The sun was out for about an hour this morning, but now it's cloudy and gray with more snow on the way? I wouldn't want anyone to come out to the store if the weather and driving conditions are bad, but if you live close and/or the roads are clear, I would love to have some company today (1 to 8) or tomorrow (9 to 4). I have a feeling it's going to be really quiet!

If you do make it out, our inventory is still plentiful as far as sofas, mattresses and desks go. We have some selection in dining room table and chairs and dressers - but not as much to choose from as I would like. Here's a few of the "new" items we got in this week:

one of the few dressers we got in priced $60

somewhat dated fabric but in good condition, three piece sectional with two recliners, though I couldn't get one of the recliner to recline so I priced the whole thing $45

cream colored leather sofa for $45

plaid sofa and both end are recliners (and both ends work!) for $125 (oh, and it's a wall-hugger too)

beautiful Room and Board love seat - but with some funny stains - for $75

Bauhaus two piece sectional similar to one we had last week that sold immediately, but this one is actually in a little nicer shape so I priced is a little higher at $165

retro love seat for $30 there is a matching sleeper sofa for $45

carmel color leather tufted sofa for $50 (seat section is pretty worn)

brownish/greenish Room & Board sofa for $195

look at this amazing beautiful brown sofa for only $165!

Take care and have a good weekend!