Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 28, 2016

I rarely look at the weather forecast so yesterday's afternoon rain (and chilly temperature) caught me unaware. As I dashed to my car several blocks from the office on my way to the store to take the following photos - I got quite wet (stupid me for not having an umbrella or a jacket!). The positive was I was already wet so going outside to take photos of our outdoor furniture was no big deal. The negative was I wanted to wrap up as quickly as possible so I could go home and change so I didn't take quite as many photos as I normally do.

Yet I DID snap quite a few pictures of some really fabulous pieces at some really fantastic prices! Remember the following photos represent a very SMALL PERCENTAGE of our total inventory.

Ready? Let's take a look!

absolutely stunning entry or sofa table - gorgeous - and in excellent condition - priced $495

I really like curved sofas! This one is by Bassett and though there are a few spots 
that need to be cleaned - that's the only issue. Priced $265. 
Oval glass coffee table I showed you last week and it's $95

AMAZING free-standing wine bar with brass foot rest (currently not attached but all the pieces are there - even the screws are in the drawer) - some scratches on the top - priced $395

bar stools with faux leather both in very good condition and are priced $45 each

FABULOUS black leather retro chair in excellent condition and priced $145

wonderful rattan storage piece with one drawer - in very good condition - priced $65

beautiful round tufted ottoman - looked perfect to me - priced $65

And then here's a roundup of some of my favorite table lamps currently available. 
Interestingly, they're all priced $50 each

(there are two identical of the photo above and below!) 

Moving on...

this is a way cool wood framed sofa. The wood needs to be cleaned up and there are scratches that should be pretty easy to cover with some wood stain. The cushions just need to be adjusted (I don't remember seeing any stains but I think it could use a vacuuming). Priced only 45!

lovely antique cabinet - there are no shelves in the top part but it's designed to have two. Priced $225

after all this time you'd think I'd be able to tell real leather from faux -but, alas, I can't! I think these pieces are a combination (real leather on the fronts and faux on the sides and backs - but I could be 100% wrong). REGARDLESS, in my humble opinion, these four matching chairs and two identical benches are THE DEAL OF THE DAY! Yes, they need to be cleaned up and yes, there are scratches and worn places that need to be re-stained (most auto part stores carry leather dye) - but they're attractive AND comfortable and even better...CHEAP! The chairs are $20 each and the benches (which measure 6'8" x 27") are $55! Woot!

sweet rolling tea cart (has a removable tray/shelf) - priced $75 

BEAUTIFUL Drexel Heritage Bombay chest from their Grand Tour collection - priced $225

fantastic rolling desk chairs! I'm pretty sure they're real leather (a lovely gray color) and are adjustable. Some scratches in the black finish on the arms - but otherwise really nice. Priced $45 each and there are seven more in the back (there were eight but I bought one!)

two piece sofa with deep, slanted end - does show wear in the fabric - priced $265

two perfect looking Plunkett side chairs! Priced $65 each. Just lovely!

I thought this abstract fabric framed piece of artwork was FABULOUS! Priced $175

gorgeous oak side chair - just look at the design of this piece! Love it! Priced $65

Dawn emailed asking if I could show some outdoor furniture. I've shown most of these pieces before - almost all of the following photos are showroom pieces from The Merchandise Mart (so grateful for the relationship we have with a number of showroom managers!) - but there are a few new ones. As you're thinking about your outdoor space - remember the really amazing weekend we had LAST weekend and try to shut out the gray skies, rain and cooler temperatures of this week! Haha!

three piece outdoor sectional in a cool gray mesh - never been used from The Mart - priced $795

this too is a gray/white-ish outdoor mesh material covering a very comfortable side chair for $125

gray slip-covered outdoor side chair for $125

gray wicker outdoor side table with metal legs for $95

very nice smoked glass outdoor dining table with six chairs (two swivel) - 
used but in good condition - priced $285 for the set

these are two smaller Adirondack chairs - they sit more upright and are extremely comfortable - made of a recycled material that should last forever! Brand new from The Mart - priced $275 for the set

fun outdoor stools! Again the orange material is an incredibly durable recycled material. The stool with arms is priced $95 and the armless one is $75

this is a lovely white wicker table with four chairs - now I can't remember if it came from The Mart or not - sorry! Either way, it's in excellent condition and priced $225

I'm wrap up with just a few photos of some of the other pieces you'll find in our outdoor space. Again, most of what you see is new from The Merchandise Mart! 

That's it, dear reader! I hope you have a most excellent day and learn from my mistake and take a jacket AND an umbrella with you today! Hah!