Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 11, 2014

I’m writing this post on Saturday, September 6th, because I leave tomorrow for a week in Glen Arbor, Michigan home to Sleeping Bear Dunes (a beautiful part of the country). So I won’t be here to take photos (yay for vacations!).

But it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to a new feature on the Outreach Community Ministries website (remember, Jubilee Furniture is a division of Outreach and the proceeds from what we sell help support the programs and services Outreach provides to those most vulnerable in DuPage County) – the Furniture Gallery!

The Furniture Gallery includes photos, descriptions and pricing and – just like the blog – is updated weekly. Eventually we hope to make the Furniture Gallery “real time” so photos can be added almost as soon as furniture is being off-loaded from the truck (which will be amazing!). The Furniture Gallery also allows you to select specific categories (like vintage & antiques and sale items) thus making your online browsing faster and easier!

We're not doing away with the blog – just yet – I’ll be back with lots of photos on the 18th but now you have another option for checking out our inventory at Jubilee Furniture!

Thanks for stopping in, dear reader!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the fall of 1972 I was a freshman in high school and one of the classes I took was typing where I learned – not only how to type – but to always, always, always space twice after your ending punctuation.

Fast forward roughly 100 years and I was on a committee at church with someone who works at a publishing company and he happened to mention that the double space after each sentence was no longer done and hadn’t been done for years. Regardless of his credentials I honestly didn’t believe him.

Until I read this scathing article about people who space space after a sentence and I realized I had it all wrong! Truly the earth shifted on its axis and I was completely thrown for a loop!

THANKFULLY, there are some things that NEVER change – like the fact you’ll always find amazing furniture at good prices at Jubilee Furniture! With so much inventory we’re putting pieces on top of other furniture - be prepared to shimmy down the aisles!

Here are photos of SOME of what’s currently in the store:

JFC 09-04-14 002JFC 09-04-14 003JFC 09-04-14 004JFC 09-04-14 005

two fabulous Scandinavia Woodworks Co. made in Singapore retro chairs in excellent condition – priced $90 for the pair (which is a steal!)

JFC 09-04-14 006JFC 09-04-14 007

Peter Lorentz sofa – needs some spot cleaning – priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 008JFC 09-04-14 009

lovely rust colored sofa – some wear – priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 010JFC 09-04-14 011

cool loveseat covered in different fabric – priced $90

JFC 09-04-14 012JFC 09-04-14 013JFC 09-04-14 014JFC 09-04-14 015

though these chairs look nice around this table – it’s not a set. There are six chairs – two with arms – that are, overall, in good shape (you’ll notice the stain is worn off at the top of the chairs). We’re selling all six for $175. And then there’s the table – it’s beautiful! In the photos the extra leaves are slightly pulled out at each end (pull to extend; push to hide them). Price? $185 for the table w/table pads

JFC 09-04-14 016JFC 09-04-14 017JFC 09-04-14 019

and then we have six armless Hitchcock chairs in excellent condition – priced $385 for all six

JFC 09-04-14 020JFC 09-04-14 021

the Hitchcock chairs are around another extremely nice dining table – this time a two pedestal table with 3 leaves which is priced $125

JFC 09-04-14 022JFC 09-04-14 023JFC 09-04-14 024JFC 09-04-14 025

I loved the curved glass on this Pennsylvania House lighted two piece china cabinet! Priced $235

JFC 09-04-14 026JFC 09-04-14 027

lovely cream colored flamed stitched side chairs in really good condition – priced $45 each

JFC 09-04-14 028JFC 09-04-14 029

sweet two tiered walnut side table for $45

JFC 09-04-14 030JFC 09-04-14 031

this is a large original watercolor by artist Chapman Kelley – gorgeous! Priced $800

JFC 09-04-14 032JFC 09-04-14 033

I LOVE the bright colors of this original artwork by Jonas Bradford – priced $225

JFC 09-04-14 036JFC 09-04-14 037JFC 09-04-14 038JFC 09-04-14 039JFC 09-04-14 040JFC 09-04-14 041JFC 09-04-14 042JFC 09-04-14 043

this shiny, bright dining room set was made in Italy and the donor told me her parent’s paid $8,000 for it originally. We’re selling it as a complete set which include: table, 1 leaf, 6 chairs, rolling drop-leaf buffet; lighted china cabinet. Love the pops of gold! Jubilee Furniture price for all is $1,485

JFC 09-04-14 044JFC 09-04-14 045

loveseat in lovely gold fabric priced $55; matching sofa is frayed along the edges and I saw at least one stain so is only priced $35

JFC 09-04-14 046JFC 09-04-14 047

glass top table with metal base and four cushy chairs for $75

JFC 09-04-14 048JFC 09-04-14 049

there’s something about this corner chair that is very attractive (and it’s surprisingly comfortable) priced $45

JFC 09-04-14 050JFC 09-04-14 051

this is an absolutely GORGEOUS china cabinet from Century Furniture and part of their Chin Hua collection – excellent condition (here’s a link to a pin of an identical piece that was on ebay for $2,400). We’re selling ours for $915

JFC 09-04-14 052JFC 09-04-14 053

pine armoire – second photo shows doors open and the rod for hanging clothes (there are no shelves – but it looks like if you cut a couple of pieces of wood to size and there are already the brackets to support them). Priced $75

JFC 09-04-14 054JFC 09-04-14 055

this sweet chair is low to the ground and would be perfect for a child. Some wear – priced $20

JFC 09-04-14 056JFC 09-04-14 057JFC 09-04-14 058JFC 09-04-14 059

behind the Century Furniture Chin Hua china cabinet I discovered these beauties! GORGEOUS mahogany servers – the smaller one is priced $275 and the larger one is $350. Words fail me.

JFC 09-04-14 060JFC 09-04-14 061

we have five of these Room & Board black molded plywood chairs with chrome legs – looks like they’ve changed the shape of the chairs if you click here – but they retail for $129. We’re selling them for $45 each (I noticed some scratches)

And so, dear reader, you’ll find me proof-reading everything I write and carefully removing the extra space I type after each sentence as automatically as I breathe while wondering what other new trick this middle-aged dog will have to learn!