Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 24, 2014

Well, it feels like the dust has – somewhat – settled as we find our groove in our new location.  Our wonderful electric sign along North Ave. keeps mysteriously turning off for no apparent reason and some of our aisles sorta disappear as you’re walking down them looking at the rows of furniture – but those are all fixable (we hope!).

People still aren’t sure where our new store is located (730 E. North Ave. Carol Stream) or our hours (Thursdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4).  And how weird is it that my Friday blog post is now on Thursday?  Super weird!

There’s new staff I need to introduce you to – whom I’m very excited about – but our new one week policy to pick up purchased furniture is hard for some customers (though we are again offering paid delivery which should help).

All that to say, change is wonderful and challenging at the same time!  Thankfully, what hasn’t changed is the fabulous donations we keep getting week after week.  What follows are photos of some of what was received this week.  Let’s take a look.

JFC 04-24-14 001JFC 04-24-14 002

this gorgeous sofa by Kravet has a greenish cast to it that doesn’t show up in these photos.  It’s really in excellent condition and is priced $345

JFC 04-24-14 003JFC 04-24-14 004

sweet country style coffee table for $55 and matching end table for $40

JFC 04-24-14 005JFC 04-24-14 006JFC 04-24-14 007JFC 04-24-14 008

amazing Walter E. Smithe two piece leather sectional that’s both gorgeous and comfortable!  The leather is faded in spots which gives it a distressed look and doesn’t diminish it’s appeal.  Priced $795 (fantastic wood and glass square coffee table for $135)

JFC 04-24-14 009JFC 04-24-14 010JFC 04-24-14 011JFC 04-24-14 013

Flexsteel brand sofa and chair – both have some wear but overall in good-ish condition.  Sofa is priced $65; chair $50.  Great trunk that has tons of potential but needs some work – priced $80 (sorry for the coffin-like last photo – wanted you to see the interior)

JFC 04-24-14 014JFC 04-24-14 015JFC 04-24-14 016JFC 04-24-14 017

three nice stools – fabulous nail-head trim and brass piece where you put your feet but the seats need to be cleaned.  All three for $135.  Fantastic oak side table for $95

JFC 04-24-14 018JFC 04-24-14 019

lovely loveseat in mint-condition for $125.  There’s a matching sofa that needs to be completely cleaned in another spot in the store and I can’t remember what price I put on it ($65? $50? something like that)

JFC 04-24-14 020JFC 04-24-14 021JFC 04-24-14 022JFC 04-24-14 023

here’s another amazing two piece leather sectional – this time by Natuzzi.  There’s some minor wear but overall in very good condition.  Priced $595

JFC 04-24-14 024JFC 04-24-14 025JFC 04-24-14 026

incredible retro chairs by Baumritter – cushions need to be replace or recovered – priced $235 each (I found these exact chairs on ebay for almost twice that price)

JFC 04-24-14 027JFC 04-24-14 028

sweet velvet loveseats – both of them need to be professionally cleaned – priced $50 each

JFC 04-24-14 029JFC 04-24-14 030JFC 04-24-14 031JFC 04-24-14 032

wonderful table from Pier 1 priced $195; six wooden chairs all for $120

JFC 04-24-14 033JFC 04-24-14 034

Room & Board black fabric two piece sofa/chaise – chaise is very worn – priced $90

JFC 04-24-14 036JFC 04-24-14 037

two fun chairs by Isenhour Furniture – both need to be cleaned – priced $60 each

JFC 04-24-14 038JFC 04-24-14 039

tile top table with one leaf and six chairs (upholstered seats need to be cleaned) priced $135 for the set

JFC 04-24-14 041JFC 04-24-14 042

this is a very cool low bookcase with two adjustable shelves – unusual wood (not sure what type almost looks like ash?) – one bottom corner is slightly damaged – priced $60

JFC 04-24-14 043JFC 04-24-14 044

five drawer chest for $40

JFC 04-24-14 045JFC 04-24-14 046

very nice white-washed coffee table and end table – coffee table is missing the four piece of glass so is priced $35; matching end table (which has its glass) is $55

JFC 04-24-14 047JFC 04-24-14 048

Sprague & Carleton solid rock maple dresser with protective glass on top – priced $75

JFC 04-24-14 049JFC 04-24-14 050

nice six drawer dresser with mirror – priced $65

JFC 04-24-14 052JFC 04-24-14 053

corner computer desk in very good condition – priced $65

The other thing that hasn’t changed is my appreciation for you, dear reader!  So glad to have you along on this amazing, exciting, scary, ever changing journey!

Blessings and peace!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, April 17, 2014

YES – Jubilee Furniture WILL be OPEN today from 1 to 8, tomorrow (Good Friday) from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4!

Boy oh boy – do we have a lot of amazing furniture currently in our inventory!  Additionally, “new” merchandise will be priced and added throughout today, tomorrow and Saturday as our warehouse guys are now making donation pickups while the store is open (to ensure we always have tons of fabulous selection).

We also accept donation drop-offs during store hours so it wouldn’t be crazy to stop in more than once on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

What IS crazy is our unbelievable inventory!  It’s crazy amazing!  What follows are some of the new-to-us pieces which were donated this week:

JFC 04-18-14 001JFC 04-18-14 007

this is a gorgeous yellow raw silk loveseat by Simmons!  First photo depicts color better (second photo looks more tan than yellow and this loveseat is a lovely fresh yellow color).  In really good condition (only thing I saw was the bottom – under the loveseat – fabric is ripped).  Priced $185

JFC 04-18-14 002JFC 04-18-14 003JFC 04-18-14 004

we received a donation this week where the donor had written two notes about the pieces being donated (which I love).  This amazing painted tray and base were a gift from her husband in 1950 when he returned from a business trip with it in his suitcase (the legs fold up).  While he was gone she had taken care of both the children and the business and it was a lot of work!  But the lovely gift made it all worthwhile!  There is a small break in the legs (it’s been taped but some glue should work and look better).  Priced $50

JFC 04-18-14 005JFC 04-18-14 006

fabulous kidney bean shaped marble top coffee table – so gorgeous!  Priced $175

JFC 04-18-14 008JFC 04-18-14 009

wonderful striped side chair (almost a wingback but not quite) – needs some spot cleaning – priced $85

JFC 04-18-14 010JFC 04-18-14 011JFC 04-18-14 012

I am so in love with these retro chairs that I can’t stand it!  Look at the woodwork!  Cushions an neutral color (and need to be spot cleaned).  There are so many fun things you could do with them – including leaving them just as they are – priced $95 each

JFC 04-18-14 013JFC 04-18-14 014

fabulous antique chest (sorry, I should have taken a photo of the inside!  There’s a top lift-out tray and then more storage underneath and everything’s been papered).  Priced $175

JFC 04-18-14 015JFC 04-18-14 016

another set of lovely side chairs!  These are also priced $95 each

JFC 04-18-14 017JFC 04-18-14 018

there’s a very cool raised design on this off-white wingback chair – love it (I love a bunch of stuff this week!) – priced $90 (I think this chairs also needs to be spot cleaned)

JFC 04-18-14 019JFC 04-18-14 020JFC 04-18-14 021

where to begin with this mustard yellow pleather or naugahyde chair?  It’s amazing!  In excellent condition (just needs to be wiped down) though missing a few of the trim tacks.  Priced $265.  Sitting next to it is a fabulous and simple wire magazine rack for $18.50

JFC 04-18-14 022JFC 04-18-14 024

lovely deep rose colored camel back sofa for $195

JFC 04-18-14 025JFC 04-18-14 026

coffee table with “harp” legs – priced $65

JFC 04-18-14 027JFC 04-18-14 028

white wicker with glass shelves bookcase – priced $50 each

JFC 04-18-14 029JFC 04-18-14 030JFC 04-18-14 032JFC 04-18-14 033

this is so cool!  It’s by LittleMissMatched and it’s their Switcharoo “secret storage” with pull out desk (see product details here).  Retails for $1,099 – our price is $650.  All the colorful panels switch out so you can totally customize this piece to whatever works for you!

JFC 04-18-14 034JFC 04-18-14 038

these yellow (lots of yellow this week – I love it!) child size fiberglass stackable chairs are by Krueger (second photo is my failed attempt to show you the Krueger name on the bottom of one of the chairs).  I found similar chairs by Krueger on eBay for $960 for a set of six (full disclosure: they were blue with chrome legs but otherwise the same size and style as these) which make each chair $160!  Yikes!  We’re selling these for $40/chair and we have 15 of ‘em

JFC 04-18-14 039JFC 04-18-14 040JFC 04-18-14 041JFC 04-18-14 042

wonderful tan micro-suede set includes: full size sofa for $95; matching loveseat (looks like new) for $125; rocker/recliner for $60 (I think it needs some work – the arms seem a little off); ottoman for $25

JFC 04-18-14 043JFC 04-18-14 044

totally fun loveseat (some piping issues and is faded) comes with two throw pillows (they sorta blend in with the fabric in these photos) – priced $125

JFC 04-18-14 045JFC 04-18-14 046

there’s something about the clean lines of this butcher block table that I love!  Priced $65

JFC 04-18-14 047JFC 04-18-14 048

wonderful five drawer ash chest of drawers for $95; one drawer nightstand for $45 (I’m not 100% they match – but they have the same pulls)

JFC 04-18-14 049JFC 04-18-14 051

this two piece desk w/hutch also has the same knob as the dresser and nightstand above – but this piece is marked with the brand – Vermont Tubbs – whereas neither of the other pieces are (so I’m not sure – all very similar).  Priced $135

JFC 04-18-14 052JFC 04-18-14 053JFC 04-18-14 054JFC 04-18-14 055

three piece sectional by Kravet – excellent condition, great color and fabric – some dirt along the back edge (see it in the last photo?). Priced $225

JFC 04-18-14 056JFC 04-18-14 057JFC 04-18-14 058

here’s note # 2 which reads:

“Many years ago when we bought a house in LaGrange Park, Grandma and Grandpa gave us these 2 rockers and later years, Grandma made (hand made) with her old singer sewing machine made new covers (which) I picked out the material.  My family & I have used them with great care.  I hope whoever enjoys them remembers with love & care by a great seamstress Grandma and fashion designer.  Grandma never got paid with money for all her work but everyone paid her with food.  All pleats sown by hand with tender loving care.” 

Underneath the lovely floral fabric is the original mustard yellow (of course!) corduroy upholstery (the little I could see of it looked good).  These are incredibly comfortable swivel rockers and are priced $125 each

And on that sweet note, dear reader, we’ll end!  May your Easter weekend be filled with tender love, rebirth, amazing grace and food!