Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boring – but necessary – store hours information:

Jubilee Furniture is CLOSED today but will be

OPEN tomorrow (Friday) from 1 to 8 and Saturday from 9 to 4

I am always grateful and appreciative of all Jubilee Furniture customers, donors, volunteers and staff – but am especially thankful to our customers when we have Olga’s afghans for sale each Thanksgiving.

Why? Because your care for an area senior reminds me of our very basic human connection which unites us all and I love it – and love you for being so gracious, kind and compassionate.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me explain.

Most of you are aware the proceeds of what we sell at Jubilee Furniture help support the programs and services offered through Outreach Community Ministries.

One of my favorite programs is called “Friendly Visitors” and matches a senior in the area (often low-income with little or no family around to help) with a volunteer who commits to regularly checking in and visiting.

About six years ago one of our friendly visitors – Henny – approached me about Olga, one of the seniors in the program.  Olga loves to crochet.  It’s also hugely beneficial in that it keeps her busy and occupied during the long cold months each year.  Yet the cost of yarn was becoming too much for Olga and she had run out of friends to give the finished product to.  Would Jubilee Furniture allow Olga’s afghans to be displayed – and sold – in the store? My answer?  Absolutely.

Even though Olga is slowing down – we have 11 (10 shown here) beautiful afghans for sale priced between $30 and $45 (depending on size – cash or check only, please) – her creations continue to be absolutely gorgeous! Please know 100% of the money for each afghan goes directly to Olga.

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In addition to Olga’s afghans – we have tons of amazing furniture available. What follows are photos of just SOME of our inventory (as always, the Furniture Gallery is another online resource).

JFC 11-26-16 003JFC 11-26-16 004

lovely gray slip-covered sofa from Room & Board – in excellent condition – priced $395

JFC 11-26-16 005JFC 11-26-16 006

gorgeous Pennsylvania House sofa – priced $225

JFC 11-26-16 017JFC 11-26-16 018JFC 11-26-16 019JFC 11-26-16 021

micro-suede, Bauhaus sofa and chaise – needs to be cleaned – priced $145. In front of it is a cool mission style coffee table with a lift top for $95

JFC 11-26-16 023JFC 11-26-16 024JFC 11-26-16 025JFC 11-26-16 026

very nice green check sofa for $225; matching chair for $125; pine coffee table by Kimball for $85 (all are in good condition)

JFC 11-26-16 027JFC 11-26-16 028

wonderful leather loveseat – BOTH sides recline – priced $395

JFC 11-26-16 029JFC 11-26-16 030

black suede sleeper sofa – worn in many spots – priced $65

JFC 11-26-16 031JFC 11-26-16 032

black pleather chair and ottoman for $75

JFC 11-26-16 033JFC 11-26-16 034

excellent condition oak storage coffee table (glass top is not the original piece – this one is larger than the original would have been) – priced $125

JFC 11-26-16 037JFC 11-26-16 036

sweet black painted side table for $50

JFC 11-26-16 038JFC 11-26-16 039

lovely rocker for $55

JFC 11-26-16 041JFC 11-26-16 042

beautiful Ethan Allen computer armoire – priced $185

JFC 11-26-16 043JFC 11-26-16 044JFC 11-26-16 045JFC 11-26-16 046

Early American style two piece china cabinet (I LOVE the yellow “glass” doors!). Top is missing (see in last photo?). Dark wood makes dings and scratches very noticeable – so some TLC is needed – priced $45

JFC 11-26-16 047JFC 11-26-16 048

absolutely gorgeous Hooker brand barrister bookcase for $595

JFC 11-26-16 049JFC 11-26-16 050JFC 11-26-16 051JFC 11-26-16 052

unusual and beautiful, lighted CORNER china or curio cabinet (with three adjustable glass shelves) – priced $295

JFC 11-26-16 053JFC 11-26-16 054JFC 11-26-16 055

showroom sofa (mint condition) from Room & Board – center seam is coming apart (alas) – from their Luca collection. Retails for $1,999. Our price is $425

JFC 11-26-16 056JFC 11-26-16 057

dark wood table with one leaf (leaf is flipped over on top of the table) and six chairs – in good condition – priced $165

JFC 11-26-16 058JFC 11-26-16 059

all of our Christmas decorations will be out and priced tomorrow – including these gorgeous nativity figurines – which are $50 for the whole set!

JFC 11-26-16 061JFC 11-26-16 062

I might have already shown you this piece – but I LOVE IT! Rustic two piece hutch and buffet – priced $265

JFC 11-26-16 075JFC 11-26-16 076

this sofa is still in the back – but it’s so, so pretty that I had to take a photo! Looks to be in excellent condition and priced $495 (if you want to see it – ask Connie, Anne or Teresa to take you to the back)

JFC 11-26-16 081JFC 11-26-16 088JFC 11-26-16 082JFC 11-26-16 087JFC 11-26-16 084JFC 11-26-16 086JFC 11-26-16 085

with the horror in Paris still on my mind – these lovely, hand painted watercolor lithographs from famous places there remind me the beauty of this world is far, far greater than the evil. Priced $35 each

Blessings, grace, peace and love to you, dear reader!